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It is not that I couldn’t organize enough time to write. Rather I had plenty of time to write about a lot of stuff that I am learning these days. Isolation or I should say Seclusion! Is a blessing when it comes to Studying the way you want. Particularly if you have made an environment for yourself. Let me have another confession (The first one was telling my husband that I hate Surprises which now I don’t ! )

“I love Blogging. it Inspires me, motivates me and gives me a feeling of yearning towards writing about anything that I want”

For a lover of Isolation, travelling is always a huge task in the to-do list. And I really felt that I have continuously  been travelling in these two months within cities that consequently made me feel too exhausted. It was from Karachi to Lahore and than  Lahore to Karachi and finally back to Home town Quetta for a family meet up.  My sudden visit to my University was Quiet a surprise for my colleagues. But it was fun to hang around and talk about the same crap with your best buddies around there. It was surely a memorable visit with lost of lunches, tea parties and Dinners for me as a part of our Culture for the arrival of the newly wed Bride ! (Oh ! dear this part make me blush che che!!!!)

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These Are the 21 Female Authors You Should Be Reading

Worth reading …..


On Monday, Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Goldfinch. It was no surprise, really, since the much-anticipated novel made the New York Times best-seller list during its first week on the shelves. The book was so popular that people flocked to the Frick Collection in record numbers to see the titular painting that features heavily in the Dickensian plot.

Tartt takes a notoriously long time to write her novels: The Goldfinch took 11 years, and she says that we may have to wait just as long for her next book. So now that you’ve finished The Goldfinch — and her other two books, The Secret History and The Little Friend — what to read next to tide you over? At the beginning of 2014, writer and illustrator Joanna Walsh began the Twitter hashtag #readwomen2014 in an effort to encourage readers to pick up more books…

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Feryal Ali Gauher and her Compositions

Although I was never able to read Feryal Ali Gauher’s Novel yet after coming across her articles in dawn , I regret doing so. I would probably read her  “No Space For further burials” , which is signed by herself and sent to Syed Khalid Iqbal, Director General NAB Balochistan, who later on gave it to me after going through the Seminar of Anti corruption day organized by NAB in Serena Hotel Quetta, 2012 (where Feryal Gauher was also a speaker including Ansar Burney) 

Feryal Ali Gauher, the beautiful and elegant lady, who studied from McGill University, a Pakistani Actress, director, writer and human rights activist. She has such an aggressive expression towards the unjust of women to which I believe is very valid. Undoubtedly her words are touchy!  When I was reading her “Half the Earth, half the sky “ article in the Advertisement Supplement by Dawn Newspaper for Women’s Day Celebrations. I felt the anger in her words.

I peer out of the jeep’s window and see myself plunging in to the river below, leaving nothing behind, no legacy, no children to grieve for me, no one to sing eulogies, no one to lament, to clear my closets of useless belongings which prop me up in that other life , the one I live amongst the ones who watch me closely, following every move, waiting for me to falter, waiting for moments of frailty….

It is possible to empower the 300 million women around the world who do not have access to safe and affordable family planning, enabling them to control there bodies and their lives, granting them the space to flower in an environment where they have an equal voice, a voice of reason, a voice which speaks in the interest of their fullest human potential, their future, the earth they nurture and the children they bear to walk that long and arduous road.

And her yet another outclass composition  on Sunday magazine of Dawn (23,march.2014)about her journey to Chilas, (where the Diamer Basha Dam is Planned) discussing the agony and suppression of women and lowering Maternal Mortality Rates. She persuades her readers towards development and growth of a country through the factor of Education, Safe and Healthy life and a life worth living for us !  These elements though are long-term yet achievable that would consequently lead to a prosperous life….


For such women who has the courage to write these Brutal yet true facts deserves to be applauded highly..




Happy Women’s Day

The only advice I could give to every women is to Never stop trying hard for your life because one way or the other , you will find your destination to whatever you have desired for….




Mein Bhi Mazloomi-e-Niswan Se Hun Gham-Naak Bohat
Nahin Mumkin Magar Iss Uqda-e-Mushkil Ki Kushood!

I too feel sad about the oppression of women,
But this knotty problem cannot be resolved.

Allama Iqbal-Zarb-e-Kaleem: Aurat

Irrelevant Admission Policy of IOBM Pakistan

You know sometimes life brings you to great surprises. And one of the surprises was going to the Institute of Business management Karachi, Pakistan for its admission Policy of MS/Mphil Courses.

Being a lecturer myself for the last 3 years in BUITEMS , i was very much familiar with the rules and regulations of Higher education Commission , the governing body of higher education institutes. It has made transperant paths for all students in their academic destinations. Those who go for BS (4 years graduation totaling 16 years education) will lead to MS and than PhD. And those who turn out to have their  M.A (2 years masters totaling 16 years education) would have to go through Mphil and finally phd. This also means that there is not much difference in MS and Mphil. Both of them ultimately leads to the Doctorate degree.

On my visit to IOBM, i found the infrastructure quiet resembling to that of my own BUITEMS. Particularly the interior architecture look more like as if i was in my own department.

We moved towards the Admission office for acquiring the details regarding the MS courses. At first i thought i was not considered much because of having a degree from BUITEMS or Baluchistan. Though i knew that my institute was rapidly growing in his name and fame around the country yet i still felt that people do have that stereotype towards Baluchistan. But to my surprise it was not the degree recognition or institute ranking that mattered rather it was my BS qualification that they did not accepted for an MS. Clearly describing, i was not allowed to go into MS course because of being a BS and not being an M.A. They stated that an M.A in economics was allowed to have admission in mphil/ms course but not a BS qualifier.

To me ! it meant that my studying more than 45 subjects in those 4 years was not worth the 12 subject of M.A. ! Dont be annoyed after knowing that but yes that is what i was told by 3 people in the admission office.

The HEC rules have clearly declared that 4 years BS economics graduation that totals 16 years of education is equivalent to Master of Economics. This is documented and a scanned copy is already placed in FPSC website named as certificate of Equivalency which states that a student is permitted to have Mphil/MS as its further education. What IoBM told me was that they only take Masters Degree student to MS/Mphil. For the BS students to get into MS course, he/she has to go through another year of Masters (one-year master programme offered by CBM) so as to acquire a degree of Masters and than be permitted to join the MS programme.

What annoyed me even more was that there catalog had clearly written the criteria according to the HEC rules but were not following it. You can see evidently in the advertisement below that the institute has made its own admission policy for various MS courses where some Bs Students can go for MS but some cant. Since the admission office had nothing to say about the flaw they made, in response the admission officer was in fact blaming the HEC for his confused rules regarding the BS/MS and M.A/Mphil criteria. Which consequently showed a complete neglect of HEC rules in their policies.

I, being around so many highly qualified faculty members have seen hundreds of BUITEMS students and faculty members going to various universities like iba, szabist, nust, comsat, PAF-Kiet, etc who joined their Ms course without any experience and having just the qualification of BS. Even Fulbright students go for MS economics or Mphil programme after just their BS education ! So whats with IoBM making different criteria for each course ?

To my understanding, the admission policies of Iobm lacked transparency. And that it was not the HEC rather the admission officer including rest of the faculty and administration of IoBm who is confused and had no evidence of proving that MS is not possible after BS ! (i feel weird even when i write this statement) .Hence, for Iobm you must go through 17 years of education before getting into MS Economics (incase if you have done 4yr-BS). But do not worry about the rest of the country’s Institutes because they do accept you with a single transcript and Degree of BS ! 😛

So to the all students. Do not bother about wasting one more year in such institutes which burdens themselves with their irrelevant policies because surely there are many other valid options for you !

Attached is the Certificate of equivalency of BS being considered as Masters and also the advertisement of Iobm with its annoying admission criteria.

Equivalence of Qualification updation (01-01-2014)

IoBM Admission 2014

IoBM Admission 2014