Blogging at its Peak

Happy Belated Eid everyone. I am sure everyone much have been busy meeting family members, friends and other companions without bothering about anything else around. Eid brings such cheer and the feeling of happiness. For a while you really do get oblivious from everything else except this celebration. Mine turned out to be the same.

So far so good I have made many infant blogs and have started working over their themes and other settings. They are all blogs. I will be pasting them to a self hosted blog later when they get to have enough posts as well as traffic. The best part is that they can simply be imported to another self-hosted wordpress blog by just a click of import and export ! So all of my blog are :

  1. Pakistan Affairs Blog
  2. How I Am Monetizing my Blog
  3. My Pashto Blog
  4. Economics Tutorials Blog
  5. Marjan Khan’s Blog (This one right now)

All of these blogs are of my own interest. I haven’t thought about a unique niche but rather about improving the areas in which I am more interested. I believe that a unique niche isn’t the only factor to attract traffic but rather unique content also matters a lot. And for that offcourse you need to have good English composition skills. I am not sure if I have them or not. But I surely wont stop trying !

Road to Quetta

Apart from that I continuously work over a daily progress report of anything that I do related to all these blogs , SEO tutorials and other improvement in my learning. The SEO tutorial at Udemy turned out to be quiet helpful in installing some of the worth mentioning Plugins. I think I can also be an instructor at Udemy . This also seems to be one of my future plans.

Uptil now, I have completely indulged myself into this virtual world and believe me ! I am so really happy at doing all this. in particular, when you have someone at your back to motivate you for all this crap, My loving Husband !

Off topic but my decision for improving my own field is not progressing as much as I thought. Perhaps this Blog workload makes me feel exhausted and I somehow don’t feel enough interested in that part of my tasks. 

Anyways ! Wish me luck and I seriously need one for running all these blogs. So much has to be done….



Teaching Tips for Economics

Tips for teaching Fundamentals of Economics to Undergraduates

Teaching is an Art, I believe. It is the art of transforming your knowledge and information spontaneously, and creatively to the students. Being a lecturer in a Public University, I had the opportunity to teach various sub-subjects of Economics to undergraduates and it was challenge for me to teach such students that included even those whose higher secondary education did not had English as their medium of language.

For teachers of Economics, especially for those who teach the undergad beginners must practice some specific tips to influence and persuade them towards the dynamics of the Subject of Fundamentals of Economics. These are:

  1. Teaching a topic through different dimensions provides the ability for a student to analyze the topic more clearly. For example: A simple topic of Consumption function can also be easily understood from grapsing the notion of Saving Function.
  2. Providing a Local/National as well as International example relevant to the phenomenon being taught is one such strategy that provides a practical image of what is going on. In other words, renders the student with an illustrative ability. For Example: the Basic Process of Demand and Supply in everyday Life, the circular flow of income, local area Companies with oligopolistic competition, monopolistic competition and how they work etc.
  3. Explain most of the core concept with a step by step procedure. Like Explaining its definition, describing it graphically, representing it mathematically and providing a conlusion to what it all means. Such detailed descriptions is a must for the teacher of the infant students of economics.
  4. Another fact about teaching Economics is giving Assignments and tasks to the students relevant to the specific topic. The more you provide these assignments, the more uncomplicated it becomes for them to comprehend. In Particularly for Microeconomics concepts of Demand, Supply and their analysis, Elasticity and competitive model mathematical assignments are worth sharing.


Agg Demand And Agg Supply .

To learn the most simple concepts of Macroeconomics . You can go through the Whole video channel of MJM foodie and See all the videos.

The lectures of Bs (Economics) 5th Macroeconomics Related to Agg Demand and Aggregate Supply is also related to this video .