Feryal Ali Gauher and her Compositions

Although I was never able to read Feryal Ali Gauher’s Novel yet after coming across her articles in dawn , I regret doing so. I would probably read her  “No Space For further burials” , which is signed by herself and sent to Syed Khalid Iqbal, Director General NAB Balochistan, who later on gave it to me after going through the Seminar of Anti corruption day organized by NAB in Serena Hotel Quetta, 2012 (where Feryal Gauher was also a speaker including Ansar Burney) 

Feryal Ali Gauher, the beautiful and elegant lady, who studied from McGill University, a Pakistani Actress, director, writer and human rights activist. She has such an aggressive expression towards the unjust of women to which I believe is very valid. Undoubtedly her words are touchy!  When I was reading her “Half the Earth, half the sky “ article in the Advertisement Supplement by Dawn Newspaper for Women’s Day Celebrations. I felt the anger in her words.

I peer out of the jeep’s window and see myself plunging in to the river below, leaving nothing behind, no legacy, no children to grieve for me, no one to sing eulogies, no one to lament, to clear my closets of useless belongings which prop me up in that other life , the one I live amongst the ones who watch me closely, following every move, waiting for me to falter, waiting for moments of frailty….

It is possible to empower the 300 million women around the world who do not have access to safe and affordable family planning, enabling them to control there bodies and their lives, granting them the space to flower in an environment where they have an equal voice, a voice of reason, a voice which speaks in the interest of their fullest human potential, their future, the earth they nurture and the children they bear to walk that long and arduous road.

And her yet another outclass composition  on Sunday magazine of Dawn (23,march.2014)about her journey to Chilas, (where the Diamer Basha Dam is Planned) discussing the agony and suppression of women and lowering Maternal Mortality Rates. She persuades her readers towards development and growth of a country through the factor of Education, Safe and Healthy life and a life worth living for us !  These elements though are long-term yet achievable that would consequently lead to a prosperous life….


For such women who has the courage to write these Brutal yet true facts deserves to be applauded highly..