Blogging at its Peak

Happy Belated Eid everyone. I am sure everyone much have been busy meeting family members, friends and other companions without bothering about anything else around. Eid brings such cheer and the feeling of happiness. For a while you really do get oblivious from everything else except this celebration. Mine turned out to be the same.

So far so good I have made many infant blogs and have started working over their themes and other settings. They are all blogs. I will be pasting them to a self hosted blog later when they get to have enough posts as well as traffic. The best part is that they can simply be imported to another self-hosted wordpress blog by just a click of import and export ! So all of my blog are :

  1. Pakistan Affairs Blog
  2. How I Am Monetizing my Blog
  3. My Pashto Blog
  4. Economics Tutorials Blog
  5. Marjan Khan’s Blog (This one right now)

All of these blogs are of my own interest. I haven’t thought about a unique niche but rather about improving the areas in which I am more interested. I believe that a unique niche isn’t the only factor to attract traffic but rather unique content also matters a lot. And for that offcourse you need to have good English composition skills. I am not sure if I have them or not. But I surely wont stop trying !

Road to Quetta

Apart from that I continuously work over a daily progress report of anything that I do related to all these blogs , SEO tutorials and other improvement in my learning. The SEO tutorial at Udemy turned out to be quiet helpful in installing some of the worth mentioning Plugins. I think I can also be an instructor at Udemy . This also seems to be one of my future plans.

Uptil now, I have completely indulged myself into this virtual world and believe me ! I am so really happy at doing all this. in particular, when you have someone at your back to motivate you for all this crap, My loving Husband !

Off topic but my decision for improving my own field is not progressing as much as I thought. Perhaps this Blog workload makes me feel exhausted and I somehow don’t feel enough interested in that part of my tasks. 

Anyways ! Wish me luck and I seriously need one for running all these blogs. So much has to be done….