Traveling and SEO

It is not that I couldn’t organize enough time to write. Rather I had plenty of time to write about a lot of stuff that I am learning these days. Isolation or I should say Seclusion! Is a blessing when it comes to Studying the way you want. Particularly if you have made an environment for yourself. Let me have another confession (The first one was telling my husband that I hate Surprises which now I don’t ! )

“I love Blogging. it Inspires me, motivates me and gives me a feeling of yearning towards writing about anything that I want”

For a lover of Isolation, travelling is always a huge task in the to-do list. And I really felt that I have continuously  been travelling in these two months within cities that consequently made me feel too exhausted. It was from Karachi to Lahore and than  Lahore to Karachi and finally back to Home town Quetta for a family meet up.  My sudden visit to my University was Quiet a surprise for my colleagues. But it was fun to hang around and talk about the same crap with your best buddies around there. It was surely a memorable visit with lost of lunches, tea parties and Dinners for me as a part of our Culture for the arrival of the newly wed Bride ! (Oh ! dear this part make me blush che che!!!!)

Off-topic but since I had already decided to start a proper platform for writing unique content about Economics and Other Subjects. I also came across various blogs and websites that were doing the same job. Each blogger had its own blog reports about how and whatever they were doing. I was rather enjoying my time in learning about the Social Media Management and Search engine Optimization through various factors. And Each factor has it own unique capability of providing you great Traffic. I Read about the links, Plugins and Monetizing Blog software that are though worth writing about but not right now. I will be discussing them when I start working over them by myself. At the moment I am more concerned about Completely Unique Content. My words in my way !

There was a primary and common strategy that attracted me a lot among all those blogs that I read. Firstly, most of them were Women who left their jobs and decided to be completely self Employed and Secondly the medium of Language English! Was written in a very simple and straight forward manner. I haven’t ended up with any flattering Vocab blogs at all. I mean its not about how good you are at writing the Fancy words but about clear visibility and understanding for  every common person that came across your blog. There are 2 blog that I have up till now, properly explored and read its posts that give me an inspiration of being a part of this tech world in my own way . You can check their websites incase if you are interested in Knowing about Ordinary people that makes a difference in their own lives instead of reading and being galvanized about celebrities only.

Enough with the tit-bits of life for now. I believe its all about doing before discussing it with others. And I better start substituting my leisure with hard work to make a difference not just in my own life, but for others too. Happy Ramadan to all.




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