Lahore’s Liberty

This is the 4th time I am visiting Lahore and every time I do, I see great developments. Perhaps Baluchistan too needs someone like Shahbaz Sharif so as to bring some rapid developments in Baluchistan. I am sure hundreds will argue about not having the kind of funds that Punjab receives but what about the funds that Baluchistan do receive ?  Where are they ? I have barely seen a slight change.  Anyways, I am not in a stage of arguing and feeling pitiful about my Province. Sometimes our people themselves are responsible for their living standards. Accepting Change in conservative societies is not less than the acceptance of being dishonorable for them. So I have stopped worrying about the misery and frustration they go through.

It took me just 15 minutes to go through the liberty market but I just spent a complete hour in the last corner store that was named as “Variety Books”. Infact there was also availability of tea and fries for the customer who wanted to stay for long. I never enjoy any place as much as I enjoy in book stores. I guess its these words filled in the pages of all these books that attracts me…..

About Variety book store in liberty market lahore ! Well !!! the store itself was very expensive and was fooling its customers by showing the correct and low prices in there price tags at the back of books but a higher price of the same book in the computer receipt that they would provide you to pay for. When I checked the computer listed price receipt and the price tags behind the books, 5 books showed higher prices.  Which consequently proves that it wasn’t a mistake but a strategy of fooling your customers. I mean no every customer corrects the prices…. Pity ! do I feel for such greed.

Offtopic, But I am not surprised about what Shaista wahidi did in her Morning show. I knew her over confidence will ruin her some day. Many times have I found her unethical and immoral in her talks. Such attitude obviously does not works out for long ! After all, silly talks and actions somehow leads you upside down!

More to come about Lahore….




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