Life And WordPress

Although the idea of starting a new blog was decided few months back yet it took me time to understand the wordpress platform including the important plugins used for SEO and the importance of social media in this regard. Yet again thanks to my loving Husband who already had an established system in which I learned to write and understand all the requirement of running a full fledge revenue earning blog with high quality content.  I have now finally started a proper hosted blog site with the name of . It is at its infant stage and needs a lot of work to be done. This baby site requires extensive content over the economics that I have studied in these 7 years of my academic and professional life. Off course ! To be honest I wanted to have an attachment with my studies since I have not been reading anything related to my subject and I seriously don’t want to end up with broken concepts. The content will purely be based on  conversational style providing easy notes  and lectures to all Economics Students and Professionals.  This also adds with other subjects of economics including Micro, Macro , Research Methodology , Mathematical Economics and Econometrics as the core ones. An amalgamation of all these subjects with its content and a bit of SEO would very obviously rank the blog site well, for which than I have some other plans ;p

Minora Trip Feb 2014

Apart from getting into extensive blogging again (This time I really want to be consistent). My life has turned out to be the busiest after getting married. From guests of Quetta to travelling and exploring new places within and outside Karachi. Meeting new people and much more. The experience was undoubtedly enjoyable and surely would be so in the future as well. Seeing all these people here striving for educational degrees, job shifts and yearning for a better standard of living does gives me some sort of motivation compared to the monotonous that I had back in Quetta. Although family , friends and colleagues are badly missed there regretting the fact that I could tease few of my friends in their engagement ceremony yet life here gives me great peace of mind. I guess one visionary man in your life can change the complete perception towards the way you live yours…And so have I ….




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