Never say No !

Never say no to yourself if you believe that you can make a difference both in your life and in the Society. Having Spent 2 months in Karachi . I have continously been seeing one thing very common among its people. Education , Education and Education…

The first thing they ask when you meet them is “So what do you do ?” or “What is your qualification ?”. And i have barely met anyone asking or discussing how do you look or what are you wearing, something which many girls are concerned about in Quetta. Infact i noticed in karachi that women arent even concerned about their dress and are more interested in talking about their current jobs, promotions, bonuses, salaries, positions or plans for further education and even immigration. And this only way to impress them is not through your branded dress but the institute form where you studied or from the current status of your job. Offcourse! Money talks count here too. But that’s all because of attaining higher level of Education. Hardly do you hear about any Nawab, Sardar  or Malik here….

Its not that i am trying to compare the cities. What i have felt here is the independence of creativity and boundless oppurtunities . Inaddition to that, the ENVIRONMENT provides powerful motivation for the individuals to compete and survive even if it takes alot to sacrifice. Yet somehow you do get to see the fruits for it! I see a good going business here. Consumption level is way to high because of the enormous varieties of products available in this city. They sell ! and try their every legal way to attract you towards there product. Provide you with every possible service they have . Its more like a proper utilization of all the resources they have. And believe me it works!

Majority of the students are crazy about their studies. That’s called COMPETITION. Every set of activity in the students life is one way or the other related to their Studies. Literature Festivals, Book fairs, General and Academic Conferences etc etc. I mean ! what else would a student need….

Here comes the worst part in this place, You don’t know What or who your Neighbour is ! “Are they even humans or aliens! But Who cares whatever they are. I am too busy in my own world ! So stop buzzing me ” . In Urdu they say “Safaid Khoon” (people who wont even bother to feel emotionally towards others), whereas i do realize the opposite scenario in Quetta. They do understand the values, norms and the emotions attached towards the rest of the family members…. Perhaps because the city still has that tribal touch in it.

Baat kaha say kaha agaye.. All i am trying to say is that we can make an atmosphere for ourselves to proves our unique capabilities like these people have. All it requires is a lot of hardwork, commitment and a pinch of concentration towards whatever we are doing. And than I am dead sure ! Balochistan can shine ….

Visit to Mohatta Palace for the exhibition of Rashid Rana works...

Visit to Mohatta Palace for the exhibition of Rashid Rana works…




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