Convocation 2009

Convocation 2009

Having an experience of 3 years as a lecturer and 4 years as a student in BUITEMS. I find myself as one of the luckiest girls of balochistan who have had enough exposure with extensive learning, creativity and realizing the importance of Education in my life. Whatever i am today is all because of this place. Let me tell my readers that university level education is way too different than the collegiate. There are huge differences between the student of or B.Sc of Girls or Boys colleges around to the studies of BS in BUITEMS. The awareness that every student gets in here is  way more than rest of the Colleges which teaches at Bachelor level. The confidence and maturity level  is evident among the students. It has always been the environment that provides these new students to polish their skills and display their creativity. I believe students in here find themselves competitive and eager to produce something to be known among the rest of the competitors. Even i, as a student was one of them. It was the attentive of my readers through my blog that provoked me to write more about BUITEMS and my life there as a student. Surely, there is no doubt that u will always be criticized more than being praised for it. But I never stopped until i was no-more a student.

Undoubtedly i will miss my students, my teacher-come-colleagues and BUITEMS. From the anger of my student when they saw negative marking to their laughter when i cracked a joke during the lectures.  I hope my BUITEMS flourishes among the best institutes not just in Baluchistan but in the country as well as internationally in the later years. Because it is this Institute that made thousands of students capable enough to learn, earn and make their families proud.

Leaving BUITEMS is not easy for me. But u never know where life leads you too. And it is leading me to a new place with new challenges and hopes to go ahead ….

ICEIME Conference organized by BUITEMS  on 1st and 2nd Nov 2013

ICEIME Conference organized by BUITEMS on 1st and 2nd Nov 2013



9 thoughts on “Good-Bye BUITEMS

  1. pata nai ya mail ap tak pouchay ga be k nai but acha time guzra bht see galtiya huve hai so forgive me for all these & wish u a happy married life aur u are always in my prayers bye…….


  2. This is from students of BSBA 5thA to say goodbye as you left BUITEMS.. We always loved your classes and session and would like to tell you that you were the best teacher we ever had. Madam you were very supportive and helpful and you made it a point to sit with students who used to lag behind in any of the lectures. We will be missing you a lot. We all wish that you should have been there for our finals.
    Thank you once again for all your hard work and help.
    Please be in touch with us for our Guidance.


  3. Miss we will really miss u a lot, you were having very good skills to control class and you were having good ethics to deal students, Best of luck and may you be happy in every field of life. Best wishes for u, Regards Shahbaz yousaf.


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