Research papers related to Girls education in Pakistan

I have started working out over a research paper. To have a literature review i am attaching these files that relates to my topic which is closely related to gender and education In Pakistan. Hopefully this blog post will also help a lot of other people who are having their research in the same field.

09 Imran Ashraf and Rizwana

Does Traditional Attitude Matter in Female Education ?

Women’s Education in Pakistan

Girls Education in Pakistan

Education and gender policy in pakistan

Education in Pakistan – The key issues, problems and the new challenges


Pakistan National Education Policy Review WhitePaper

rural girls in pakistan

Causes of Primary Drop Out in Rural Pakistan

More will be Pasted soon..



One thought on “Research papers related to Girls education in Pakistan

  1. i have studied these papers where i got important information , but i found some thing missing about why, (there is no importance of education for girl) is that, there is lack of awareness in people about girl education,if the the steps are take on the national level to aware the people about this , the improvement can be bring .


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