Solution Manuals of Various Books

The Following solution manuals are available .It has really enhanced my knowledge for my subjects. I am thankful to all the publishers who allowed me gain such an authentic material. 

  1. Mathematical Economics by C chaing
  2. Macroecnomics by Mankiw
  3. Principles of Economics by Samuelson Nordhaus
  4. Econometrics by Example by Gujarati
  5. Ecnometrics 5th Ed by Gujarrati
  6. Managerial Economics by Craig Peterson
  7. Principles of Econometrics 4ed by Griffiths, carter hill and Lim
  8. Research Methodology by Uma Sekaran
  9. Urban Economics by O’ Sulliven
  10. Macroecnomics by Blanchard 3rd ed


Note: These solution manuals are not allowed for the students. 


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