Green Revolution Video and Farm Mechanization Slides

This Video covers all the aspects of Green Revolution. Its intro, history, advantages and disadvantages.

Farm Mechanization for Developing Countries Slides

Agriculture Sector Of Pakistan- Farm Mechanization


14 thoughts on “Green Revolution Video and Farm Mechanization Slides

  1. hi! i wanted to ask you that despite that our fisheries are not that much but it is also true that fisheries are consumed by the locals and the pesticides and sprays mixing in the water dont you think is injurious for many living in rural sides who drink from the water in rivers and they cook by this water what are the cases of purity ?? if you are saving mankind by this project arn’t you leaving many dieing and defected or handicap ??
    people say ive heard that biologically producing anything do not contain as nutrients as what naturally produced crops or fruits contain so how do you think this project is healthy ???


    • Ibrahim, Green revolution is not used in fisheries. Neither in the rivers. Its used over the crops. Most particularly the wheat and rice crops in Pakistan .What green revolution require is that these rice and wheat crops should be properly watered (or in other words it should have a proper irrigation system). The people who drink the water from the rivers is not contaminated at all by the green revolution. Green revolution are miracle seeds which have no concern with the contamination of water . ITS THOSE SEEDS THAT NEEDS TO BE GROWN FROM THE WATER OF THESE RIVERS. Water from these rivers are flown with a proper irrigation system to the fields of these crops where these miracle seeds are used . So the growth of these crops by the usage of MIRACLE SEEDS + PROPER WATER SYSTEM FROM THE RIVERS result in a better production .Hence, this project is not contaminating water at all.


  2. check this video from 6:55 – 7:17 my 1 question is related to this and other one is about seeds being produced biologically does not contain that much nutrients that you can get from naturally produced ????


  3. ya… those are the pesticides and chemicals i am talking about … i guess the left over pesticides or that which is not in use or something like that is wasted in water leading these dangerous chemicals to rural population where people living there use that water and as a result people die and have birth defects etc …


  4. ibbi ppl r nt uzin dat water 4 drinkin…..there iz a proper system or method through which they watered cropz…..there r tubewellz n wellz…irrigation system iz there…n rural population knw v well dat water which they r uzin 4 themselvez iz definitely pure n widout chemicalz or all dat which u r talkin abt…..
    yara jb land ko water dya jata hy to land wo absorb kr lyti hy na k wo kahin aur ja k mix up ho jta hy…..n jb tubewell sy water dya jta hy to tb obviously fresh water n pure ata hy tubewel sy wohi nhn jo aik br dy dya jay….:P
    itz like a whole precedure….n safe…


  5. than why was there a defected person sitting on the chair in the video ???

    anddd what about my other question ? biologically producing crops fruits etc does not contain that much nutrients as naturally produced so how is this project healthy ???


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