Business Communication Slides- 5 step planning process

Business Communication Slides for 5 step planning process of effective Writing and Flow of Communication

Bussiness Comm Lecture Slides


Green Revolution Video and Farm Mechanization Slides

This Video covers all the aspects of Green Revolution. Its intro, history, advantages and disadvantages.

Farm Mechanization for Developing Countries Slides

Agriculture Sector Of Pakistan- Farm Mechanization

Business Communication Sample Letters

Sample letters and Memos used in the lecture of Business communication. Taken from the online center of mcgraw hill from aother book of Business Communication. The link is :

Mc Graw Hill Online Center for Business Comm.

The sample letters and Memos Taken areĀ 

Sample Letter by Ellen Whitmer

Sample letter by isabelle bright

Memo- synopsis

Slides of the following lecture will be posted Soon Inshallah.

Book used for Bs economics 5th

Essentials of Macroeconomics

This book is used untill the Mid terms for Bs Economics 5th Semester for Macro II. Another book will be referred to students after the mid term . It will be used untill and unless they go through the Complete basics of Macro with mathematical Questions aswell.


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