Article : How to start a local Business

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4 thoughts on “Article : How to start a local Business

  1. Mem i have only two Questions

    1. What is Difference between Quantity demand and Demand ?

    2. If you want to start a local business which business you will start & what will be your strategy for this business ?


    • Nouman,

      1. Thats quite simple. Demand Is the ability and willing to pay for something ! tityAnd Quan Demanded is that amount (quantity) that you are willing and able to pay for.

      2. If you ask me to start a local business. I would start a business of handicrafts. The things that people make here by their hands. Traditional things. These have alot of exposure internationally and are sold at good prices. Handicrafts like handmade embroided fabrics, carpets etc are of great demand internationally. the answer to the 2nd part of your question is that i will first start finding such Projects and Organization who has worked with the labors who make these things. I will collect their data. Their rates and i will plan my own investment over the business that i would start. I will have a proper contract or agreement of what so ever negotiable terms with the labors and would start the work. The marketing of these projects would be any thing to do when these products are made. It can be both locally and internationally done. Again i will contact with the people who sell these prodcuts locally and internationally….. There is much details in this regard. But somehow you must have gotten a little idea about it now.


  2. ma’am its our initial stage and we do not have any idea how to start bussiness, wat u sugest us that how much invesment wil b good in this stage for a local bussiness,
    If u suggest less investment than can v gain maximum profit…?


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