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Debate: Corruption Breeds hatred And Jealousy

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  •       My debate which made me won All balochistan Debate Competition. Thanks to Sir Niazi and Madam Humaira of English Dept for helping me in this regard.

Corruption Breeds Hatred

and Inefficiency

Commence with the Name of God, the most benevolent and magnanimous, who knows the secrets and the hidden truth, who is the master of masters and the lord of all lords.

Honorable Chief Guest, distinguished panel of Judges, respected Audience and dear Students Good morning. Today the topic that I would debate upon is “Corruption breeds hatred and Inefficiency”

Can the presence of filth, somehow add to the attraction of a place ; can purification make an object delicious and palatable; can a distortion of feature made a face adorable or Mr. President, can evil bring about peace in the world. No, sir No, Corruption is a filth, a stigma on the honor of a society. Corruption is purification and degeneration which fills the entire system with stench and corruption is a distortion that kills all efforts of human being to achieve the divine glory.

Corruption is a complex phenomenon. It is a complex structure of many forms prevalent in society at different level starting from a ruler to a layman. Isn’t it? Undoubtedly it is.

The Scourge of Corruption and white collar crimes has become a cause of serious concern. It is a menace that can never be eliminated completely from society. It always leaves behind traces. The extent of such corruption in each is inversely proportional to the level of Justice, accountability and indiscriminate application of law. As long as injustice and poverty prevails one cannot hope to eradicate corruption.

Undoubtedly, poor and developing countries are more prone to corruption . Lack of rule of law, inequality, injustice and bad governance cause vulnerability to moral and financial corruption eventually.  Pakistan Ranks 42 among the list of most corrupt countries now. It has struck deep roots in Pakistan Soil and remains a substantial obstacle for Pakistan where it is still perceived to be widespread and systematic.

The poorest are least corrupt only because there is nothing hand to steal from the laborer who puts in half a days’ work and charges for the full day is as corrupt as the executive engineer in a Government dept who pockets half of the projects funds. This brings hatred, this brings inefficiency.

Petty corruption in the form of bribery is prevalent in law Enforcement, procurement and the provision of Public Services. The judiciary is not seen as independent and considered to be shielding corrupt political practices from prosecution.

Political turbulence and insecurity have dominated Pakistan over the last 50 years, marked by frequent regime changes and unrest. So the problem therefore, is somewhat larger  than it appears.

Fortunately, the solution to all these problems are well known i.e. transparency, accountability, selection on merit, privatization and enforcement of the rule of law. But what is more demanded, is the implementation of all these policies rather than reading them on some piece of paper.

Venerated Audience,

I say , I say we still expect to eradicate corruption from our society and let me assert that it is possible , because I see, I see a star, a star of hope which is promising a bright morning for our beloved country- Please listen carefully , it is whispering:

Let us be up and doing with heart for any fate still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labour and to wait…


Mj Arbab